Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Two Perfect Words

Henry James once wrote..."Summer afternoon...summer afternoon...are there two more perfect words in the English language?"

Yes, Mr. James. And they are "Snow Day."

And a wonderful one it's been. I made clam chowder in the crockpot. I did a Dancing with the Stars exercise DVD. I worked on a Harry Potter puzzle with my oldest girl. Got some pictures up on Facebook. My daughters wrote a musical about slavery with the neighbor-girl. I cleaned off my desk in the Athenaeum. Talked to my wonderful Craig in Seattle. Lit a vanilla candle. Drank wine. Watched way too much Channel 5 weather reporting and like two hours of DVD extras about was a precious day, a restful day, a day of spiritual renewal and peace.

It's seems that the more I appreciate things...the more there is to appreciate. The Universe, in my little morning notes, told me this would happen, and amazingly enough it always turns out to be true.

So thanks for this Snow Day. Tomorrow is a bit of a question mark for me, but today? Today was just grand.


  1. I thought "Musical theatre" were the 2 most perfect words in the English language. Oh, wait. Those are the most glorious words in the English language. ~Arl

  2. Glad you enjoyed the day. Vanilla, huh? I just finished my home sweet home and I am not quite ready for lavender yet.... I have to look around at the store I think.

  3. Please update soon... I miss you.