Thursday, January 19, 2012

Into the Woods

I know. You’ve forgotten my name. Removed my bookmark or tab or what ever little corner of your web that I wove in. I’m attempting a come-back.

I made recently made a list of goals for 2012, as I have made for every year that I can remember. Some of my goals for 2012 are simple: Wear a dress at least twice to a week to remember that I’m still a girl. Paint the sunporch. Read the Game of Thrones series. Finally learn yoga, dammit. A return to blogging is on that list, so I am trying to figure out how best to go about that.

I am dwelling in a very intense time right now. My brain is intensely awhirl, even more than usual. I am directing a play, one of my very favorite shows, “Into the Woods,” and it is, without compare, the most excited and inspired I have ever felt as a director. Even more than when I wrote a play. I have had this special group for four years, and I want to truly enjoy the rest of the time we have together. I want to guide them to make something special, for the audience, but way way more importantly, for themselves. I want them to make a journey. I want them to learn something about their own spirits, and about love, about choice and consequence, about the ways in which you hold and release people, and how to let them stay a part of you even when you let them go. No one is alone. So, there’s that. And I think I really want to write about that, about what happens to some of them. I have to protect everyone’s privacy, of course, but I can write some things.

In this process, however, I am making a journey, too. I have hit a very definite crossroads in my life, a fork in the road, and I need to make a choice about which way to go. Or rather, I need to wait for some other people to make the choices that will illuminate my path and allow me to follow it. My path is not straight, and not certain. I know what I wish, and I have done all that I can to make my wish come true, collected my ingredients, made the potion. Now I just need to wait for the “witch” to grant my wish. In the meantime, I am watching everything around me with eyes wide open, trying to make sure that I don’t exchange a cow for magic beans. That is…well, whatever the term for “vaguebooking” is in blogging terms. It’s a thing that I really want to talk about, but can’t yet. I have journaled about very little else for several months now, so I can retroactively share that part of the journey when the time is right. Stay tuned.

The part I can do, while I wait, is to very seriously cast some magic spells of my own, like I did when I was trying to get my house. I am sitting in that very house now, just as I had envisioned, by the light of my Christmas tree, which is still up, and lit. Don’t judge me. The point is, my house is a very concrete example of the fact that I am a little bit magical when I put my mind to it.

So, along with my Big Wish, I am putting my mind to this show, and I think I would really like to share that journey, if you’re interested.


  1. YES!!!! You're Back! I check in more often than I care to admit, and am quite excited to hear about the Big Wish and all the moments along the way!
    ~ Lisa H

    1. Thank you for sticking with me, Lisa! I'm intending to be very devoted. Glad you know the show, since you are the epitome of my dream Little Red. I ALWAYS picture you in that part!!