Tuesday, August 10, 2010


--In one of my favorite novels, Tuck Everlasting, the opening paragraph states (in paraphrase) that the first week of August hangs at the very top of the live-long year, like a ferris wheel that pauses in its turning. The weeks that come before lead up from the capricious spring, and the weeks that follow, the down-turn toward winter. But the first week of August is still, and hot. I am allowing that stillness to enter into my soul right now, remembering to be motionless for a few moments at a time, to pause and listen to the crickets and watch the turkeys in my yard. It also says that it causes people to be listless, and restless, and drawn to do things they'll be sorry for afterward. What are you doing that you might be inclined to be sorry for later?

--I cut off all my hair today, and colored it a sort of goldenish brown. I am very happy with it, but Abby's first reaction was, "Now you look like one of those OLD mothers!" And her second reaction was, "You look like you're in college." Hmmm. I don't qualify this, so far, as a thing I'll feel sorry for later. I find it very freeing. I needed a great big change.

--My daughters left for camp this morning without the backpacks I had packed so carefully, containing bathing suits and extra underpants and clean towels and I-love-you notes written on their lunch napkins. They realized it after ten minutes of waiting in the car at the bus stop, and we raced back to get them, hoping we'd make it in time. It somehow diminished the fuzzy glow of yesterday's whole deal of waving goodbye to the big yellow bus. They missed the freaking yellow bus this morning, and I had to drive them the half an hour to camp, and the half hour home. Not so glowy.

--In looking through the Book of Questions recently, the following came up: "If you were to determine some sort of test to determine whether or not two people were soul-mates, what would it be?" My answer came so clearly, and even thinking about it days later, I still think I'm right on. It's a four step process.
1.) A discussion about books. Favorite books currently, favorites as a kid, the ones that made an impact on your spirit and became your manuals for life. Even if they're not the same, I think people need to have an understanding of the literature that touches their partners' souls. It's very telling.
2.) A crisis situation. Something serious has to happen in one person's life, and both need to see how they deal with it.
3.) Going away together. And not necessarily to sleep together, but just to see how each person deals with the stress and opportunity of travelling.
4.) Sex. 'Cause...chemistry, baby. If it doesn't work in bed, it doesn't work at all. And I think you can build and hone it, but if there's not that chemical pull there to start, it's pointless.

--You know you're home too much in the daytime when you start to think of Yes, Dear and According to Jim as excellent television entertainment. That's what's on in the middle of the afternoon, my friends.

--I am terrified of that Chef on Hell's Kitchen. He haunts my nightmares, yelling at me and dropping the f-bomb over a misplaced garnish.

--I want to see that movie called Dinner for Shmucks only to see the Mouse dioramas. I am a huge fan of the diorama as an art form...which is why I subject my 6th graders to them frequently, for my own selfish amusement. Diorama's of King Tut or Dionysus? Never boring.

--And speaking of Book of Questions, Jennifer Garner and Ashley Judd are just universally sleep-with-able. They seem to be on everyone's list, regardless of orientation. They must be very proud of that.

--I passionately adore my friends. I know I've mentioned that, but it bears repeating. Blessed beyond measure am I.


  1. Tuck Everlasting is one of my favorites, too. ~Arl

  2. Can't wait to see the new do! Sounds beautimous...Abby is hilarious. Are they at Camp Clark? My kids went there; Rachel loved it, Dennis Paul not so much(remind me to tell you the "fish tit" story one of these days)...August things I'm doing I'll be sorry for later: eating too much! The summer is always harder for me than the winter as far as food goes. Biologically speaking, people naturally put on weight in the winter and shed it in the summer. Once again confirmation that I am an ass-backwards chick. I can't stop reading, either. Just got back from Texas and read three books while I was there. I don't regret reading,there are just more practical housey things I could/should be doing. Highly recommend: 1)Water for Elephants
    2)One Day 3)The Help

    The video lesson writing continues...Writing taxes me!! I stress over every. little. word. God I imagine professional writers must smoke cigs and weigh 400 pounds?!? Not that I smoke, but maybe I should pick it up...
    Happy August!

  3. I just finshed "Good in Bed" amazing book, have you read it? Have to admit, I didnt love "A year of pleasures" Very very sad.