Friday, February 24, 2012

It's Time to Go

Opening night tonight. We had an excellent dress rehearsal yesterday, where just the right amount of things went wrong to make it step up for tonight. Some staff members came, and a few parents, and my Mom and Auntie, and Christianna and her kids. Just enough for the kids to take it seriously.

This show has been a whole long litany of "just right" since the very start. Just the right cast. Just the right timing for everything.

The two best comments I heard today about the show were from a mom who said, "They work so well together - it is as if they are a single entity." And my mom, who said, "They are all just so into it, and they really understand what they are saying." That's everything I wanted it to be.

Very soon I'm going to be able to write about my Big Project, my magical potion that I've been brewing so carefully for the past several months. It has everything to do with this show, and everything I have been writing about for years. I'm so close. Stay tuned.

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