Friday, April 17, 2009

'Because I'm new to this...

1. One summer, when I was in middle school, I used a tape recorder and two notebooks to transcribe every single word in the movie “The Sound of Music.” Play, …pause…write. Repeat repeatedly.

2. I hate when animals talk in movies. I don’t mind if they’re cartoons, but I can’t watch things with real animals talking, like Babe.

3. Same thing about babies…I hate when they make babies talk with animated mouths. It’s against nature.

4. I can’t ever touch butter with my hands.

5. I am afraid of scorpions, though I’ve never seen one in my life. I think it’s because my first movie alone with a friend (Kristin Fahey, Loring Cinema in 1981) was Clash of the Titans. Big old scorpion in there.

6. In college, I once hid in a back stairwell of the Campus Center with Elise so we could be the first people to see the cast list of a musical being posted outside of the Theatre Guild Office. I don’t even feel guilty about that.

7. I do still feel guilty for cheating on a test in 10th grade, and writing a book report in 11th grade on a book for which I only read the cliff notes. (Vanity Fair.)

8. One of the most profound experiences of my life was helping to care for someone who was dying of a brain tumor.

9. My favorite place on earth is my own front porch.

10. My first date with my husband was to the site of a Revolutionary War Battle. By the time we went on our first date, I had already been in love with him for ten months. We had a picnic, and I must have sat near a nest of butterflies because somehow they kept flying out from under my sundress.

11. I have to do a ceremony of release for my students every year on the night before the last day of school so I don’t carry their energies around with me from year to year. It involves candles, ceremonial words, and watermelon margaritas.

12. I once hit Amelia on the head really hard with the dishwasher door.

13. My biological father once took me to a zoo and got my picture taken with a huge boa constrictor around my neck, just to make my mother cry, because she was scared of snakes.

14. This spring, I am buying a bicycle, just so I can put a basket on the front and ride it home from the farmers market with carrots hanging out. I’m sure I’ll ride it other times, too.

15. After every show I direct, we buy something to better our household, and name it after the show. We have a Guys and Dolls Grill, a Midsummer Night’s Dream patio set, High School Musical couch, and I guess this spring we’ll have Tree Grows in Brooklyn bicycles. It helps me feel like my extra work has real benefit to my family life.

16. My husband makes me laugh harder than anyone else ever has.

17. I lost my original wedding band and engagement ring. Patrick has since bought me new ones.

18. I hate to cook. Hate Hate Hate it.

19. I love everything about Christmas, and start sneaking Christmas music as soon as Halloween is over.

20. When I am driving in the rain, I like to listen to Barry Manilow, the Carpenters, and Air Supply.

21. I love connecting with people, and at parties, I’m much more likely to be in a corner talking to one person at a time than being in a group conversation. I also like to make psychic predictions about people at parties. Sometimes I’m right.

22. I get crushes on very random people, even now. I can’t tell you who, though.

23. For twenty years, my dream role has been Ella in Bells are Ringing, which I realize I will never, ever get to do.

24. If I watch a movie at night without doing something else (laundry, scrapbooking, list-making), I will almost certainly fall asleep. It annoys people and embarrasses me.

25. I had a player piano growing up, and I used to sing for an hour after school most days. Not only did I know scores of random songs from the 20's, 30's and 40's, but I know all of the introductions and bridge verses as well.

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