Friday, April 17, 2009

Getting Started

Welcome to my blog. I have been journaling since I was 9, but I'm just learning this new format. I've written a bit on Facebook, but I'm going to try this format instead. This is my first post like this, so thanks for reading.

Who am I?

I am Amelia and Abby’s mom. I am Patrick’s wife. I am a teacher, director, writer, dreamer, and passionate supporter of the pursuit of happiness. I am part of a loving network of fascinating friends and pretty wacky family members. I am striving, growing, learning, exploring, and writing all about it.

Cast of Characters:

Patrick - a.k.a. The Captain, PTJB, Handsome Husband. Historian, author, Civil War reenactor. Can make magnificent scallop pasta, knows when exactly when to just smile and hand me a glass of wine, and can totally rock a sweater vest. I dreamed him into existence when I was 12 and was lucky enough to actually find him, and get him to marry me.

Amelia - The Oldest. Smart, inquisitive, daring and creative. Our own Nancy Drew. Will eat anything. Climbs trees, casts magical spells, and expects good manners from her fellow third grade friends. Possesses an infectious giggle, an enormous vocabulary, a plethora of cherished stuffed animals, but feels no need for humility.

Abby Rose - The Youngest. Tempestuous, dramatic, colorful, musical, and usually dressed in sequins. A seven year old fashionista who will not only design but run her own company someday. Inherited her father’s talent for art and her mother’s talent for remembering obscure song lyrics. A fairy princess who just happened to be born to this human family.

Ginger - the ginger cat who adopted us. Or specifically, Patrick, whom she has wrapped around her furry finger.

Luna - the noisy, smelly, no-personality bunny that Santa Claus brought Amelia. The fat bastard.

I have a lot to say, and I am so ready to say it to someone else, instead of in the 60 spiral notebooks in my basement.

Welcome to my head.

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