Wednesday, October 14, 2009


You might not watch it. And that's okay. And it's not flawless - I hate the lying pregnant wife, and everything is far more stereotypical than it needs to be.

But still... a whole TV show about the Theatre Geeks of the world...the disenfranchised, the trying-to-find-a-place-in-the-world Misfit Toys, the thoughtful but misunderstood artists...I am so into them. I am them...a whole bunch of them. I identify with the teacher the most, of course...the one who was once the big fish in his small pond, and who now wants to see kids reach their potential and have a place to connect and belong. I feel like the characters - all of them, even the psycho cheerleading coach - are bits and pieces of every person I've ever known in my various careers.

And Patrick will watch it with me for the hope of dancing cheerleaders, and really...that's about the most I can ask of a red-blooded heterosexual husband.

It doesn't matter that the plots and the musical numbers are not entirely realistic. There are glimmers of truth to it. What matters is the fact that from time to time, I walk into rehearsal, and some random kid is playing the piano and seven others are singing along. And two kids wear gold lame dance shorts and pink tutus to auditions...for no other reason than it's FUN to do so. They know the lyrics to Hair and Spring Awakenings. My kids...they spend their days watching the clock till it's time for rehearsal. They read the liner notes in their cast albums and they endure algebra only because it's the class before concert choir. I know them. I was them...and still am, in my own way. That population exists, and is inspired and determined and desperately in need of therapy, and singing showtunes about it. We all have our tribe. I found mine long ago, and just keep on finding reinforcements, recruits.

On another note, tomorrow is going to be an Unhappy Day, vampire-wise. I am going to try to stay in a place of strength and confidence, and know that my aim is pure and my focus is where it ought to be.

On yet another note, I fell in love for the very first time exactly twenty-one years ago today. I know that I'm not strictly "supposed" to remember this anniversary and mark that as significant, but I still do. So sue me.

On one final note...let's call this one b-flat...I am really, really, really happy right smack now. Hope it stays this way.

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