Friday, February 26, 2010

Wherefore Art Thou?

Here's a funny thing - I have felt vaguely guilty this week that I haven't blogged, because it's been such a big, important week for me, particulary in my life as an aspiring writer, and I feel like I should have been writing about it more, and sharing it with the people who read this, and care. I got preoccupied and tired and just couldn't, for a variety of reasons. But here I am, all wound up and glowy, and I turn to that which got me here - writing about it. Funny how things grow bigger that way.

The play was a hit. Not because it was perfect, not because it didn't have things go wrong, and not because I happened to have written it. It was a hit because it made a lot of people happy for a variety of reasons. The kids, because they had something to connect to, something that they gave a life of its own. The parents of the actors because they got to watch their child shine. The Inspirationals, or some of them, anyhow (the rest are coming tomorrow, and Maura and Kenny are coming back.) At least I hope I've made them happy. That was a scary thing, to tell the truth. To present pieces of people the way I know them. That's a lot to ask of a person to let me do, and I think it's so interesting that it was on the day of Matt's funeral that I had the five of them together, and asked their permission to "use" them for the play. They were all so nice about it, and I hope I did them at least some measure of justice. Oh, I really wanted to. I really tried.

If you have to sit through someone's school play, you could sometime see your 11th production of Neil Simon's Rumors. Or You Can't Take it With You. Or...I don't know...another production of Annie. But I gave them something different. The kids, and aunts and uncles and grandparents who want to support their loved ones and who show up for opening night with low expecations. The play was too freaking long, but still...there are worse ways to pass two and a half hours. God, that's a long freaking play.

People were so complimentary, and so kind. The parents of the Inspirationals, particularly, and of my cast as well. And I end today feeling very loved by a whole bunch of people. My mom and Auntie came, and my friends were there or are coming tomorrow, and I have people in my life who love me and share in my successes, no matter what they might be. I feel so grateful for them.

So, I think that any little theatrical diversion that can do these things, produce emotions like pride and gratitude and also make people chuckle...well, I feel pretty darn humbled to have been given the chance to participate in that.

Thank you thank you thank you. I wish some things had been different, but over all, I will hold the memory of today like a treasure, like a little collage of daisies and stars and roses and a battered old copy of Romeo and Juliet and sparkly sneakers and pixie sticks and misty moonlight.

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