Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Beauty of the Beast

Today is the one year anniversary of Matt's death. I'm sitting in the auditorium as I write this, remembering so vividly the awe he inspired in me, in all of us, really. I do believe that what comes next when we leave this world is all goodness and love, so I am not wallowing in sadness. At least not for him...the sadness is for his loved ones, his tribe, who today miss their friend. Matt was the greatest lesson I have yet had in the importance of making each day count, and of the transformative power of theater. I am ever grateful to have known him and learned from his courage, joy, and heart-light.


  1. Kelly, I don't think I ever told you that when you called in a panic that you had to replace your Beast we called Mike Foley , left a message, and e- mailed him. He never got these messages ( For some strange reason). XXOO Jordie

  2. Jordie, that is very magical. I so completely believe that it was meant to be.