Thursday, March 24, 2011


I'm feeling super bratty today. I'm personally offended that it's snowing outside, frustrated that my classroom vent is blowing out freezing air, and not entirely in the mood to sing and dance tonight.

I have a crick in my neck from falling asleep on the couch last night (again) and there's a boy in my class who is currently sniffing, like clockwork, every 14 seconds. I've timed it.

I spilled my vegetable soup all over the inside of my lunch bag this morning, and my coffee did not have enough cream this morning. I want to eat muffins and bagels and other carb-a-rific, sabotaging treats, but instead am nibbling dry Special K from a mug.

I want to wear sandals and go out to lunch. (This last from "Private Benjamin," one of my mother's most-quoted movies, and my go-to line for being dissatisfied with my current condition.) I can't find the new Jane Eyre playing anywhere around here, and even if I could, I have no time to see it, anyhow.

Now that I have released all of those toxins, I suppose I should balance it by some happy thoughts:

Summer's coming. My trip to NYC, my cruise, time on the front porch with a novel. All on it's way.

I read a poem today about how you can only truly know kindness if you've known deep sorrow. Now, I've had stuff happen to me, sure, but all in all, I've been incredibly blessed. My daughters are healthy and brilliant and getting more fun and interesting every single day. My husband still loves me. My mom is well and happy and while I've had sadness, I've been blessed to avoid the soul-crushing losses that would threaten to shatter me. So far. Knock on wood. I'm just feeling grateful for that today.

The other positive thing is that I spent some time in the Athenaeum last night organizing all of my scrapbook stuff, and figuring out which pictures I need to print, and getting myself all set up to go back to my albums. It's been ages, and it filled me with cheer. I know they're super corny, but I like knowing that I have a tangible tribute to my little family life, and a visible expression of how very much I am loving their childhoods.

Okay. I feel much better now.


  1. Sometimes you need to have those days. When I feel that way, I always say that I am getting two-year old tired. The "I don't wanna, you can't make me, let me lie down with my blankie and a juice box and let me take a nap, because otherwise I'm going to scream and cry and through a fit" tired.

    Sometimes we just need that to make us feel better. So snuggle up with a blankie and have some "grape" juice (the grown up kind ;-) )

    Or have a knock out drag out screaming and jumping fit (doesn't have to be about anything at all) until you've exhauted yourself.

    Either way, you'll feel better. ~Arl