Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Did it Again!

I fell in love three times today.

First, with the delicious soup I made in my crockpot on Sunday. It was Mexican chicken and corn chowder, a recipe from a very good cook at my school. And, even though every episode that involves my cooking could be subtitled, "What did I screw up this time?" it turned out surprisingly well in the end. I loved getting to enjoy that soup while reading something that made me laugh at Annoying People. The whole of that moment was number one.

Number two was the scene on Glee with Kurt and his dad talking about sex. I want to be that parent so badly. He was brilliant. I am trying. I rewound in three times.

Number three is about to happen...I have never turned on the new Conan O'Brien show until today, and the one time I do, he happens to have Gary Oldman as a guest on his show. I looooove Gary Oldman. We all have our lists of our top five "if you get a chance to sleep with this person, go for it" people. (Oh, shut up. You have them too.) Anyway, he's the top of mine. Plus Colin Firth, but only now that he's older. And the guy who played Gilbert Blythe. And, like, three dead people.

Patrick has them too, but I will be honorable and not tell you who they are.

Anyhoooo...Gary Oldman is about to be on Conan O'Brien, and I just happen to be up past my bedtime to be able to see it. I am awake because I'm waiting for the fire in the fireplace to go out...which, when you think about it, is a very delightful thing to get to do.

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