Friday, March 12, 2010

Random Stuff

I need a name for the sort of blog entries that are just random bits and pieces of my life, odds and ends, scattered pictures...I don't know. In damomma she calls them "Vinagrettes," which is a clever wordplay on vignettes but also means that she cooks real food and can lay claim to such a pun. So far, I can get past gross ones, like "Brain Lint" or "Droppings." I'm still working on it.'s a few of the things rattling about in here...

~After every show I do, a major component of Pajama Done Day is cleaning out my car. I had no Pajama Done Day this time, and so my car, and the parts of my spirit that are directly reflected by my car, are still in utter disarray. The bedspread from Claire's bed is still in there, as well as random other props and several items of throw-away tupperware from production week lunches. It's not a pretty sight, but it is a clear snapshot of how I feel. This weekend, we cleanse.

~I tend to not get too excited about "real" holidays, such as the 4th of July or Valentine's Day, generally finding them over-rated and anti-climactic. (Except Christmas, of course, which is just a whole entire month of Yay.) I much prefer my own made up holidays, Faux Christmas, Pajama Done Day, Flip-Flop Ice-Cream-Sundae Day. But I actually really do like St. Patrick's Day, and I'm sorry to say that it's much less for the celebration of my heritage than it is for the great big smelly pot of corned beef and cabbage.

~One of my students blurted out in the middle of class this morning that he was moving at the end of the month and I burst into tears in front of the entire class. Yeah. Classy.

~My book club (Yes, Really!) is currently reading Atlas Shrugged, which I've always wanted to read. The thing's REALLY heavy, I mean to carry around, and it has 1168 pages. And so far, not one single saucy scene. If there's not a sexy scene soon, I'm hitting the cliff notes. I like the writing, though, and have underlined a lot of things. Here's a description of a symphony:

"It was a symphony of triumph. The notes flowed up, they spoke of rising and they were rising itself, they were the essence and the form of upward motion, they seemed to embody every human act and thought that had ascent as its motive. It was a sunburst of sound, breaking out of hiding and spreading open. It had the freedom of release and the tension of purpose. It swept space clean, and left nothing but the joy of an unobstructed effort. Only a faint echo within the sounds spoke of that from which the music had escaped, but spoke in laughing astonishment at the discovery that there was no ugliness or pain, and there never had had to be. It was the song of an imense deliverance."

Pretty, right? But it's on page 13. Now I'm on page 60. Only 1108 to go.

~The chef at my coffee shop where I go every morning greets me by name. It makes me feel good.

~Even though I've been teaching Ancient Cultures for five years, I still pretty much hate it. I can't get excited about stuff that happened so freaking long ago. The only part I kind of like is the Greek Mythology, but even with that, I can't help thinking that they were all just really, really stupid to accept the mythology as true. And whenever I have a student who says something like, "Did Athena REALLY come fully grown out of Zeus' head?" I want to say, "You stupid ass." I never do, though. I only call them an ass in my head.

~I saw The Blind Side with my mom last night and loved it. I loved Sandra Bullock in it, but the kid who played SJ, the 8 year old son, stole the whole movie for me. That was seriously one of the best kid performances I've ever seen. I also saw Alice in Wonderland this week, and loved that, too. I have never been impressed by Johnny Depp, but I liked his Mad Hatter very much.

~Amelia is going to a swimming birthday party on Sunday night at a pool with waterslide. I get very anxious about waterslides since I almost drowned in one once. There were two big ones in my town that my parents wouldn't ever let me go to, so one day I snuck there with Suzi Gaudette (she lived in walking distance), and at the bottom, I got stuck in the whirlpool and almost drowned. And while I was there, under the water, with people landing on top of me, I remember thinking, "I'm totally going to drown now, and I'm also going to be in really big trouble because I wasn't supposed to be here in the first place." I still hate waterparks for that reason.

~My blog entries are too freaking long, just like my play was. I sort of can't help myself, though. I don't think I'm a very good editor.

~A tiny little reveal...unexpectedly, I started writing my book this week. It just kind of happened, even without my kitchen table for inspiration. I'm a little bit excited.

TGIF. :)


  1. Hmm. How about "Falling Petals" for your Odds and Ends? Because, you know, daises and all. :)

  2. You can't perform brain surgery on yourself, no matter how good a surgeon you may be. Editors are woefully underated... And to emphasize the point, I just misspelled underrated. :)