Monday, March 29, 2010

Why I Don't Gamble

I took a risk in selling my yellow house for the hope of getting this new and better house, and though it's not definite that we're not going to get it, we got some bad news today that makes it look unlikely.

And though I'm going to try not to be bitter, and try not to raise my fist against the sky and lament the unfairness of the Universe that I put so much faith in...I'm still choking on disappointment right now. The sellers are in a giant mess from their credit cards and their irresponsible lifestyle, and so now we lose out.

And I'm going to try not to be overly dramatic, but there's something wrong with a country where the people who work the hardest and try to live a good, responsible life have to pay for the mistakes of the ones who spend their Christmas in Hawaii. I spent mine scrubbing my house from top to bottom for the new people to move in.

So while I know we'll find somewhere to go, and that we'll find something adequate, I know there will be no room of my own, because that will be the first luxury on the list to go. And I know I'm going to miss that most of all.

You'll not be spotting me at Foxwoods anytime soon. Or ever.

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  1. Oh Kel, don't give up on the room. It is too important. The house is out there. I know it is. {{{hugs}}} I am so sorry for the news, and I am sending you all my love.