Wednesday, April 7, 2010

And...STILL Basking

Still feeling all kinds of joy. Buckets of beamingly happy joyfulness. And I'm singing songs about it.

I had a bad day at work yesterday. (Or, rather, I should say, a really bad part in a good day of work.) I had to remove a kid from her part in the play for not showing up for rehearsals, and she totally lost her mind about it. And while I do feel really badly for her, even that - a sobbing, yelling eleven year old - couldn't totally destroy my mood. It clouded it, but didn't utterly rain on the parade. That's saying something.

I'm making lists and plans and picking out swatches. I'm browsing for furniture and paint colors and curtains. I'm dreaming pretty dreams.

We have some questions about the energy of the house. It's been through a lot, this house, and definitely seen some sadness. I don't think it's haunted, I think it's disappointed and depressed. And while I think that having our energy and bright colors in there will help, it definitely needs some magic. I have a plan (of course) and I know just who to call to fix that. I am feeling grateful today that I have people in my life that I can call upon for important things - someone to re-wire a light, and others to paint the bedrooms, and still others to design curtains, and others to fix the mojo. I have friends I could call and cry to during this whole process, and it is not lost on me that I have YOU...the whoever you are out there reading this, who may or may not be a part of my every day life, but likely at least know who I am, and who have been thinking good thoughts about this, and wishing me well. I think those well-wishes helped to make this happen. I know it.

Thanks a bunch for that. Really.


  1. Have someone smudge the house with sage? The hippies tell me that will do the trick...

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  3. Sage around the windows, the doors, the chimney, all entrances and exits of the house. And sing with joy as you do it... Just literally cleaning the house, painting the walls will help... as will letting your girls run around laughing... It'll be filled with Browne goodness in no time!