Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I know, I know, enough...

...about Glee already!

But one more thing...

I am thinking that a fun social experiment for all of my Friends of Glee would be to make a blog...something like "Gleeful Reflections" where the lessons of a particular episode of Glee could be discussed.

Last night's for example. You could write something about one of the following topics:

What It's Like to Be a Girl
My First Time (Like a Virgin)
How Sexism Has Affected Me
Owning My Body
My Secret Theatre Geek Boyfriend (What? Just me? I don't THINK so.)
An Empowering Moment

Okay. I know. I'm geeking out over Glee, which might just be too nauseating for words. But I know I would have a lot to say about any of those topics, and I suspect others would as well. Maybe. I'm pondering. Chime in, though, if you've got a thought.

Oh, and P.S... An update on today. The girls loved coming with me to my middle school rehearsal, and then to the high school later, where they got to spend an hour basking in the sunny, blonde, magical smiling energy of one of their favorite babysitters while eating ice cream. Meanwhile, we chose a fairly random musical which actually rather excites me. I'm sure you'll be hearing about it very soon. And my rehearsal with the world's most adorable middle school students went well this morning. My favorite Seussical song is called "Alone in the Universe."

I will sing a little of it now. Ahem...

I'm alone in the Universe, so alone in the Universe.
My own planets and stars are glowing.
No one notices anything, not one person is listening.
I've found magic, but they won't see it.
But I have wings, and I can fly
around the moon and far beyond the sky.
And someday soon, you will hear my plea...
One small voice in the Universe, one true friend in the Universe
Who believes in me...

And of course, the singer finds that true friend in the Universe, and the discovery of the song is about the magic you find when you meet a kindred spirit. I talked about that at length with the two seventh grade singers today, about how everyone feels that way sometimes, just alone in the Universe, waiting to be understood, and that they have to talk about when THEY felt that way while they sing it, while also thinking about how their CHARACTERS feel that way, and then damned if they didn't both sing the song with passion in their hearts and tears in their eyes. It was one of those magical moments where I say, where I KNOW...something happened here. A real moment happened right smack before my very eyes. THIS is why I do this job. THIS is why it matters...

And see? Glee says the same thing.

Art matters. Connection matters.

Today, I really love my life.

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  1. That's some mighty fine directing, my friend!

    If we lived closer we could have Glee/Cosmo night....