Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Counting Points

I joined Weight Watcher two weeks ago. (Yes, again.) I've had very good luck on it twice, both times losing 25 pounds, and both time for specific events. Once was to audition for a show (didn't get the part, but was glad to see my waist-line anyhow) and the other was for a wedding I was in. This time, it's got a specific end-point in mind: my high school reunion. Now, I realize it's a ridiculous cliche to lose weight for your high school reunion, but for me, I need to have a very specific destination in order to make it work. And it's not that I think I have something to prove, either. I just want to feel that my outside reflects the way I feel about my inside - that I have grown in wisdom, vibrancy and joy. I don't feel very joyful about myself right now, and I think that focusing on a healthy body needs to take priority for me. Like so many other women, I get caught up in doing things for my kids and for work and I stop paying attention to taking care of myself. My journal is my one tool for mental health (which has worked fairly well, though those who know me could certainly argue that my mental health is debatable.) Twenty too many cheeseburgers and ice cream cones and Kraft mac and cheese with the girls has done me in, though.

I want to be healthier for my family, but I need to be healthier for me. It's the whole idea of putting on your own oxygen mask before you tend to others. I know that I alone can cultivate the energy I want to have to bring the best of myself to other people, and I know that the formula is so simple - exercise and eat well. So, I'm trying. And so far, so good. I've done well with my past two weigh-ins, and I feel motivated to keep going.

And vodka with raspberry lemonade Crystal Light - otherwise known as the infamous Trailer Park Punch - is only two points. And soooo worth it.

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