Monday, May 11, 2009

Flip-Flop Ice Cream Sundae Day

I'm a big believer in creating holidays. I love infusing an ordinary season with something to look forward to. Tramptoberfest, various Spring Flings, and my favorite, Faux Christmas. Two years ago, the girls and I created a new tradition called Flip Flop Ice Cream Sundae Day. It happens when I'm done with my last show (which happened this weekend). We go to the mall, and comparison shop every single store for flip flops. When we've checked them all out, the girls are allowed to go back to their favorite stores and choose two pairs, and then a pair of sturdy every-day sandals for spring and summer. It makes an event of it, rather than just an errand. Their playground at school is very sandy, so they're only allowed to wear flip-flops to school on Friday, when I can be reasonably sure that I will have time to wash their feet before they have to be seen by the outside world again.

After that, we go out for hot-fudge sundaes. If we get ice cream on a given summer day, it's generally just a regular cone from their thrifty-as-possible Mommy, so this is defintely a bonus.

My best friend from high school talks about the fact that her Mom always had very specific summer traditions - two new bathing suits, whether you needed them or not, and that it was always an event when they went shopping for them. That always inspired me, one of many ways in which Lisa's Mom, and their relationship, inspired me.

I know that I am not as devoted and attentive a mother as I would like to be, at least not yet. But I do try. And I do recognize the importance of rituals and traditions you can count on. We'll drive to the mall, and listen to our favorite Road Trip Soundtrack, which includes such ecclectic selections as "Free to Be You and Me," "Mamma Mia," "Me and My Gang" and "Our Song" from Taylor Swift, and I can pretty much guarentee something from Zombie Prom. (Yes, still!) We'll sing along, and I will feel grateful for the sunshine, the open windows, two healthy, singing girls in the back seat, and a chance to focus on nothing but flip-flops on a May afternoon.

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  1. Have fun! We just started our daily suncreen ritual for the summer and the kids were excited. We need a name for this day next year and a fun reward like ice cream or something.