Friday, May 15, 2009


Do you ever have those days when you feel completely understood and cherished? When you are able to deeply connect to the people who mean the most to you in meaningful ways, and you know that there are people who have your back, and make you laugh, and let you know that you are not alone, and never will be? I had that day today. I have had that week, actually.

If you're reading this, and have made comments here or privately, or signed up as a follower, you're totally a part of that.

I am humbly grateful to have brilliant, sparkling, effusive, supportive friends. I am thankful to be able to be present enough to tell them how much they mean to me when it matters. That kindred-spirit understanding...well, it smells like lilacs to me.

Thank you, friends, and thank you, Universe, for this Springtime inside.

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  1. I want to comment, to show you I am here. But you know that, no? I love you is often all I can think of to say. But how about this too, Thank you. Thank you for reminding me to stop and smell the lilacs.