Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Finishing the Hat

Finishing Act One feels better than I thought it would. It feels like A Thing. It feels like an achievement. I've more-than-halfway committed myself to creating something and there's really no turning back now.

Like my play mirrors Romeo and Juliet, my creative process and my moving process and my turning-40-processes all mirror one another.

It's very fun, and I can't say it any more poetically than that. It's a ride.

Lisa, of all people - the authority on mindful leaps of faith as far as I'm concerned - congratulated me on taking a leap of faith. I'm honored by that. Patrick says our life change is not so much a leap of faith but a carefully calculated step forward. I can respect that. For me, though, I see it as a marching forward, very Dolly Levi through the streets of New York, waving my flag and spreading love around with all her might, and creating the life she wants for herself. Unapologetically and gratefully. Give me a feathered hat!

And it's Christmastime. Fragrant and musical and tasting like cheesecake and champagne. Are you feeling its blessings this year? I hope you are, because I really really am. I want you to feel the same sort of thrill of your very own. You know how there are certain markers for how strangers connect to each other? "Where were you on September 11th?" is one of them. Because I've shared so many Christmases with my friends, I feel like we've had many conversations around the question, "When do you know it's Christmas? What's the song? What's the ritual? When do you let it in?" I think every person I like is able to understand and answer that question. It's a nice way to know your peeps.

So, peeps, I finished Act One. Cheers to me, and cheers to you for whatever you did today that made you feel proud of yourself. And if you don't have one for today, decide to create one tomorrow.

Merry Christmas.

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