Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Found today. This is a Recipe to Unwrap Your Life. I like that very concept…

1. Do something you've been avoiding, without thinking twice.
2. This might mean that you need to mail the letter or send the proposal. It will put things in motion.
3. This might mean you need to make the call or send the resume. Go for broke.
4. This might mean that you need to tackle the hand wash cold.
5. This might mean you need to make a meal from whatever you have on hand in the kitchen, without restraint or apology.
6. This might mean a dog walk or a litter box cleaning.
7. This might mean forgetting what he said, she said, you said and everything that has been said before now.
8. No one can tell you a thing. There is no "how to do."
9. There is only do.
10. Play as if your life depends on it. Without you, there's no music.

See? Shedding. There’s something going around these days. I have a number of things I feel that I need to address.

That was from http://mommazen.blogspot.com/

and then one I referenced in my last post is www.damomma.com.

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