Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow Day

I made it sobbingly through packing the baby clothes, and ended up saving one bin of clothes and one bin of toys. The rest was thrown away or will be freecycled tomorrow. I found all of my old Barbie stuff, and was amazed at how much of it was not actually the Barbie brand, but rather my own creative rendering of random stuff I found. For example, my grandmother used to wear these plastic rain bonnets that she got from the Telephone Company. They came in these funny little yellow plastic containers, and I made like five of them into Barbie purses.

I found the Seventeen magazines I saved - the prom issue and the back-to-school issue from my four years of high school. Does anyone remember how much plaid we wore? I had forgotten that. And man oh man...did we ever have tall hair!

The attic is done. My part of the basement is done. What remains is our living spaces, which I am trying to do surreptitiously while the girls are not looking. I want it to remain as much ours as I possibly can until after Christmas.

I'm thankful for the snow today, though Amelia is stranded up with Patrick's parents. I think she couldn't be happier about that turn of events but it is a reminder to me of why I'll never be able to send my kids to summer camp. I feel the lack of her keenly, even for just one day. Abby is happy as a clam playing with our neighbor, Zach, and attempting to make a snowman and stopping in from time to time for cocoa and last night's leftover cupcakes. I'm thankful for the chance to see my house snowcovered one last time. It sure is beautiful here.

With all of these blessings, I feel selfish to wish beyond hope beyond prayer that school is cancelled tomorrow. It would be the best, most perfect timing for a snow day off in the history of Snow Days. It has been snowing ALL day long. Surely they can't clean up all of that in just one night? Oh, here's hoping.

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