Tuesday, September 22, 2009


My Car: My Brain

So looketh my car, so liveth my brain.

The current contents of the front passenger seat:

=One pair of broken sunglasses
=My school bag, filled with script, journal, hairclips and 72 pens
=A plastic bag full of band-aids from when Abby wore uncomfortable flip flops to the Plaza on Sunday
=A skirt that I need to return to Old Navy
=A purse that I only use when I don’t feel like carrying my keys, cell phone and too-fat wallet in my hands
=A cup-holder size container of spearmint gum that spilled on the seat
The papers from today’s home inspection
=A folder of audition forms from TMM
=The half-drunk coke from when I desperately drove through Burger King after the house inspection, on my way back to school
=A bag containing two books that I owed to the public library, like…a year ago. I think I already paid for them but I really think I should bring them back anyhow. Found them when I was packing.
=The apple bath gel I bought yesterday because it smells like fall

The current contents of the back seat:
=One giant bag of kitty litter that I’ve been too tired to carry in.
=Amelia’s Irish Step Bag, minus the uniform that I forgot yesterday
=One dirty pair of Irish Step socks
=About eleven snack wrappers – granola bars, etc.
=A basket of books and markers and thing for the girls to use at rehearsal
=One pair of spy glasses (the kind you use to see behind you)
=Amelia’s Game Boy with the Supermario cartridge
=One pink sweatshirt
=A box containing two tiny glass unicorns
=A Jersey Boys Playbill

In my CD player:
(title of show) ‘Cause I can only listen to it when the girls are not in the car…too many f-bombs.

I am fascinated by that show Hoarders. Today I am afraid that I am a Hoarder in my car. I tell myself it’s because I’m so freaking busy, and I can’t take everything out of my car when I get home after a 12 hour work day. I clean it on the weekends, though. Doesn’t that count?

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