Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I have been asked to speak at the service for Matt that they're holding at school on Friday. I really can't imagine how I can possibly do him, or the story that I know about him, justice. But I will try. I've been working on my remarks, trying to keep them short and sweet and Matt-centered. (Unlike my rambling middle-of-the-night-second-cocktail Kelly-centric blogs of this past week. Yeah. Reeeeally sorry about that, folks.)

Kids are continuing to have a difficult time, and I am just trying to be watchful and present. We had a full-cast rehearsal tonight, which was good, I think. I love the rehearsals that don't involve music. (Which is sad, considering that this is a musical.)

These kids are so amazing. Loving and supportive and kind and open-hearted. I feel so blessed to be able to get to know them. The wake will be tomorrow afternoon. I hope that everyone does okay, and I am prepared for the three hour wait and a line that snakes around the block. Matt had that sort effect on people. If I see media people, though, I might feel inclined to bitch-slap someone.

People say bad things about teenagers, and they shake their heads at the state of "kids today." But these people don't know my kids, the Amazing Kids, in whose hands our future is not only safe, but inspirational.

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  1. I dont think there is anything wrong with speaking here or anywhere about You and how Matt effected change in YOU. He took that role in the show and found confidence and talent he didnt know he had. He took a risk, a leap of faith, he trusted you and himself and did the increadible. Now, you trust yourself and take a leap here with this Blog. Stop doubting yourself and the gift you share here on this blog. Make a promise to Matt to take that leap with your whole heart. That post you made after a few cocktails was true for you. And this blog is about you. No one has to read it if they don't want to, and yet, here we are. {{{hugs}}} I know your remarks will bring comfort to all his friends and loved ones. And I know you will keep his spirit alive by following his great example.

    I love you!