Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More Ramblings. Tired Ones.

So our house is on the market. Someone else is going to come and live in our sweet little farmhouse and it makes me feel so blue. But then I realize that I'm growing into something new, and the sun comes out again. It's time. It's good to feel so sure in that, at least.

Auditions for my fall musical are definitely challenging. I feel the weight of a lot of kids' experiences in this one. I want everyone to have a really great time.

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you might remember the story of Matt, the boy who stepped up to play the Beast in our show last year. The whole experience was so full of drama and exaltation, and everyone who participated in it felt some kind of little personal epiphany, and none more than Matt. I was so incredibly proud of him, and humbled to have played a part in this boy's amazing growth experince.

And now that boy is very, very sick, and everyone is very scared for him. So in between all of this craziness that's going on right now with the house and the new school year and the auditions, there is this quiet little prayer in my heartbeats for this good kid who deserves a long and happy life.

Even if you don't know him, or don't know me, or don't know that story, could you just send some good wishes/prayers/whatever you call it out in the Universe? Thank you.

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