Thursday, November 12, 2009

Glee...Told You I'd Like It.

I love this kid on Glee working to reach his F. I remember doing that for Into the Woods, and I earned it. I got the note I needed and I got the part. I got it thanks to Pete Fernandez, who mad me a warm up tape that I sang religiously from 8:15-9:00 every single morning for one entire January intersession while drinking my Weinberg’s coffee all the way to Plymouth Color. I have always appreciated that. I got to play Little Red Ridinghood in Into the Woods, and my life has never been the same. I learned that I could set a goal and achieve it. I learned that it was possible to experience the sense of belonging that you saw on 80’s sitcoms and in Judy Blume Books. I met Patrick. I let go of Chris. I wore a spectacular red dress to a banquet and saw friends in a goofy summer theater musical every single weekend for a summer. It was magnificent.

reminds me of that. I love this show...I know these people. Singing selections from “Wicked.” Amazing. They are so freaking good, and I LOVE IT. Wait… He cracked on the high F. I hurt for him. No, wait…he’s good, he’s okay. He did it for his dad. The wheelchair number made me weep - that choreography looks so freaking hard. Sorry…this is what happens when I watch TV alone. I have an entire conversation with myself. It’s only just recently occurred to me to post that publicly, and for now, it’s still very fun to do, and I am enjoying it. I have had several friends tell me recently to stop apologizing for blogging. I’m not apologizing right now...I'm just saying.

I’m feeling really tired but needing to write things out today. I am working on a list of things I know. I will not finish that tonight. ‘Cause one thing I know is… I’m tired. And I’m tired in advance for this week that’s coming. This is an absolute truth.

Ball Change.

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