Thursday, November 19, 2009

Opening Night

They totally nailed it.

And I think that this was the single biggest bad-dress-rehearsal-to-good-opening-night jump of any show I have directed. The show they gave tonight was not even close to last night's dress, which had its fair share of train wrecks. Well, to be fair...I should really say train fender-benders. But still. It came a long way in just one day.

Evan, the boy who was going to be the Beast before he got in trouble and Matt took over, came to see the show tonight. Came in on a train from New York a half hour before the performance, and brought me two dozen red roses. Classy boy. I didn't write much about him in regards to the whole Beauty and the Beast experience out of respect for his privacy, but I will sometime. His story is well worth telling also. Matt's mom was there, and we gave her a birthday card for Matt that everyone signed. The roses that the kids all held in the finale of Beauty and the Beast were bouqueted on "his" chair, close to the stage where the kids could all see it.

Brooks (our tech director) had to tweak my power point fairly significantly (fixing in 15 minutes what it took me three hours to do last night) totally worked. I missed one slide, and the screen didn't come down in time for the Muzzy bit, but that was superfluous anyhow.

So, thank you, Universe, and thank you smart people with technical know-how, and thank you Angel Matt for inspiring us, and thank you cast for doing us proud.

None of them read this, incidentally. But I'm feeling super grateful and wanted to give that shout-out.

It's midnight. I did the requisite director-is-the-last-one-out thing, had a 40 minute drive home in total silence, ran laundry and got Amelia all packed for her regional Irish Step competition, which she's going to in Rhode Island tomorrow with some else's mother. I appreciate that mom, but I wish I could be there with her. I made little gift bags for the girls to take with snacks and games and things, and I remembered both of her bathing suits for the hotel pool. Her socks and practice clothes are still in the dryer, and I'm killing that waiting time with a Fauxmopolitan, fried green beans left over from our last party, and this week's episode of How I Met Your Mother. Flannel pajamas, burning tired eyes, and a profound feeling of satisfaction.

Pajama Done Day...t-minus two and counting.

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