Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pajama Done Day

Ooooh...It's a good one!

Slept till 8:30, put on my 1986 full-of-holes Hull High Music Theatre Presents South Pacific sweatshirt and my favorite pair of socks that I have been saving just for the occasion. Lit my Welcome Christmas candle and put on Elf. Patrick made me my favorite breakfast - burnt bacon, Killed Eggs (over hard and over done - exactly how I like them, and exactly as only he can make them), and chocolate chip pancakes. And a Bloody Mary...'cause it's Pajama Done Day. Andrea came and brought me an eggnog latte from Starbucks, and we watched White Christmas. Now Abby and I are curled on the couch watching some flimed version of The Nutcracker ballet while Patrick rakes leaves and Amelia makes a powerpoint about Browne Family Christmas Traditions. (Clearly, she's not the techno-phobe her mother is.) Upon her announcement of this intention, Patrick remarked, "Well, that's more proof that she's mine AND yours...she makes a powerpoint, but it's about Christmas."

I have been on this couch for five hours already, and I don't feel the tiniest bit guilty about it.

The show went great, strike was amazing, the headmaster of the school came to all three performances. The powerpoint went off without a hitch, no one had any fights, and beside yesterday's emotional breakdown in the middle of Amelia's Irish Step competition, (due to lack of sleep and the chaos of the place and the day), things went great. I slept like a freaking rock last night.

I am in full-blown Christmas mode now, no apologies. I am going to love the crap out of the next five weeks, even though it means packing up to leave my house forever - we sign our Purchase and Sale on Tuesday with a young, local soon-to-be-married couple, which is exactly what I prayed for. We're homeless for January and February, but I am confident that something will come through on that. We'll figure it out. We'll solve it amidst sleighbells and Rudolph movies and card-making and hanging ornaments and eating way too much chocolate and listening to the Carpenters and John Denver and the Muppets.

Pajama Done Day is the start of many wonderful things, and the end to something wonderful as well. What more could you really ask for in a made-up holiday?

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