Wednesday, January 6, 2010


The play is pretty much cast, and I'm very pleased. There will be the ones I've disappointed, of course, which I hate hate hate, but I feel strongly that I got the group that I needed to bring this thing to life. The lead boy was definitely an upset and doesn't resemble the part as I had created/envisioned it, but that's part of how I know I got it right. When a kid makes me see a role in a way I had never imagined, my instinct generally kicks in to try it out. In 15 years of directing, I've very, very rarely been wrong when that's happened.

So, onward. Read through tomorrow. I swear to god if they hate it I will probably cry right smack in front of everyone.

Life is already beginning to settle in to this strange new routine - new house, new coffee shop that is too expensive to go to every day, new shows. Got one positive sign toward our new house at the end of last week, so I'm hoping that things will start to move very soon. I am very busily envisioning the new place, our new place, and trying to use my powers of manifestation to make it so.

' know...I totally believe in that stuff. I really do. Santa's gone into retirement for the season, so I've got to do the rest on my own.

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