Friday, January 29, 2010

Finishing the Hat

I have some lofty and some simple goals for this weekend. They include the following:

1. Have a delightful evening with my in-laws tonight. Remind them of how much I love and appreciate them, and be glad, yet again, that my kind, smart, stable, devoted father-in-law is healthy and recovered from his recent health scare. And be grateful for my mother-in-law who always supports my endeavors, even if she doesn’t completely understand me and my zany schedule. I will enjoy the beautiful rapport that they have with both of my daughters, and recognize that the memories they get to build together - of the small things like dinners out and building puzzles and sharing report cards are treasures.

2. Enjoy a bustling Saturday with my daughters tomorrow. Play the Name That Showtune game with the radio show on WERS while we drive about, share an Orange Julius with Abby while Amelia is at Irish Step, and have a cheerful and peaceful afternoon together. This might include sitting through the Tooth Fairy movie, but at least this will include the pearly white smile of Dwayne The Rock Johnson. There are worse things than an hour and a half of that.

3. Appreciate the opportunity for a Girl’s Night Out with Andrea. We’re going to see (title of show) which I have been looking forward to for absolutely months, and the evening will also definitely involve colorful martinis and dress-up clothes, including high heels. (Her influence, not mine, as I would certainly go out for a night in the City in my flowered Doc Martins given the chance.) Still, it will be delightful to be OUT for a night of supportive girl talk, theatrical inspiration, and City Living. I want to be mindful of letting it replenish my tired spirit and appreciative of the hard work I have been doing that allows me to spend $15 on a martini once in a while.

4. Be glad that Sunday morning means I can drink coffee in my bed and watch the Sunday edition of the Today Show and read my Oprah magazine.

5. Survive the Irish Step School party on Sunday afternoon, involving small talk with many mothers I barely know (even though they’re very nice), kids running around doing the Limbo and the Macarena, and inevitably…lots and lots of jiggity jig music. I will congratulate myself for taking the girls to this event that is important to at least one of them, and entertaining for both, even though there are at least 759 things I would much rather do with my Sunday afternoon.

6. Relax with my husband on Sunday night, and attempt to connect and have real conversation about Things That Matter.

Between all of these things, I will fit in laundry and dishes and grocery shopping and the various erranding that occupies every weekend. But my goal is to be in whatever moment I’m in, and enjoy the fact that Finishing the Hat no longer looms over me, guilting my leisure time, nudging me to get it done. It’s done.

I wrote a play. I started and finished a real-live romantic-comedy play. I’m going to celebrate that with all of these fun things this weekend, and remember to appreciate the fact that this Nice School has employed me, and that these Nice Kids have something fun to do this winter, something to work toward, and something to connect them to each other.

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  1. Title of Show is so much fun, you will plotz, recover, and plotz again. It's multiple-plotzes.