Sunday, January 24, 2010


It's been another of those manic weeks where I feel like I never got a chance to catch my breath, resulting, I think, in a fairly spectacular migraine last night. And here on Sunday Morning, even though it's early and the morning is sunny and fine, I feel tired in advance of the week ahead. It's all for good stuff, good work, good life, but still...I'm starting to feel the need for one of those mental health days with movies, magazines, and fish sticks for lunch.

I have to go to a wake this afternoon for my dad's best friend. It was shocking and sudden - a heart attack in his sleep - and it seems almost impossible that this vigorous, charming, firecracker of a man is Elsewhere now. My parents have had the same group of friends since forever - my dad and the guys all went to high school together - and this is the first of their group to go, and the last that anyone would have expected to go first. It makes me think of my group of friends, how close we all are, and how great a hole one missing member would leave. I'm not sure how to be supportive of my parents in this one except to there. It's going to be rough.

On another note, Act Two is nearly done. A few holes. I like the ending, and I like the beginning, but the middle is a little shaky. Tomorrow afternoon one of my Favorite People in the World is coming to teach my kids a fight choreography workshop, and that will be undoubtedly one of the highlights of this whole process for me. She is just inspiring to be around, and makes me want to be a better teacher and a kinder person, and I'm confident that she'll cast that magical spell of Aspiring to Excellence on my kids the way she does on everyone else she teaches.

The Vacation House makes a lot of strange noises in the night, and we've all had some trouble sleeping. I got earplugs for Patrick, who has informed me that I now snore for pretty much the whole night. We are joining the town gym on a family membership as of March 1st - swimming lessons and classes for the girls, yoga and elliptical machines for me, strength training for Patrick. I'm very excited, and see it as part of the new leaf we're turning over in our family. New home, new commitments to our health, new beginnings. The Spring of Inspiration and Renewal.

First, though, we make it through the winter of Upheaval and Waiting Waiting Waiting.

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  1. Love the new header. I love you, and yes, Grape Soda is in the air. Call me and let's plan a visit!